According to a new Gallup poll published on June 15th, this is the sixth consecutive year of decline across all age groups in American pride.  With how the mainstream news constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, talks down about America this does not surprise me in the least bit.

This unfortunately also shows how many people, especially young people can be so easily manipulated, or perhaps they have never left their Momma’s and Daddies homes and traveled to other parts of the world or been taught by teachers and professors how great this country really is.  I traveled the world extensively when I was younger and discovered on my own how great this country truly is.  I was also taught by my parents, teachers, and professors the greatness of our country and how lucky we are to live here.

I am suspect of this poll like many polls due to the nature of polls these days being strictly performed by telephone and had only a sample size of slightly over 1,000 people.

The exact question that was asked by Gallup to a very small sample of 1,034 was:

How proud are you to be an American -- extremely proud, very proud, moderately proud, only a little proud, or not at all proud?

According to Gallup of those polled:

  • 42% answered that they are "extremely proud” to be an American
  • 21% answered that they are "very proud” to be an American
  • 15% answered that they are “moderately proud” to be an American
  • 12% answered that they are "only a little proud” to be an American
  • 09% answered that they are "not proud at all” to be an American

When it comes to young adults only 20% between the ages of 18 to 29 are "extremely proud to be an American”.  We really should not be that surprised at this number due to the fact that these young Americans are not that far out from attending public high schools and colleges.

If these young adults were to travel the world then they might have a different perspective, unfortunately, they did not grow up with many who may not have had the opportunity to travel the world but were not so immersed in hatred of this country by the media, teachers, professors and the Democratic Party.

This is truly a great country, for now, we will see what happens in the future with this new crop of American haters joining the current crop of American haters in the Democratic Party.  I understand not all Democrats hate America, it does appear from their words and actions that almost all elected Democrats hate America and a growing number who vote from them do as well.

There is a difference between identifying problems to work on in our society and constantly stating how our country was started with evilness, formed by evil people, and continues to be evil every day.  People who think like that are just people who have evil and hatred in the heart, souls, and minds.

May God Bless American and the great people in it.  Now that is going to anger a lot of people.

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