Thank you, Troy. You truly are a local hero.

22-year-old Troy Aldrich was born in Flint and spent most of his life in Grand Blanc, attending high school as a Bobcat and running in track & playing football.

After a tragic car crash in Northern Michigan on July 13th, his family was asked if they'd like to donate his organs before they take him off the ventilator. They said "yes" without hesitation, citing that it's what he would've wanted.

His heart, liver and kidneys were donated, which saved 3-4 people. He also donated bone, skin and vein tissue, which could help up to 75 people through Gift of Life Michigan.

McLaren Northern Michigan held their very first honor walk for Troy last Monday before he was taken off the ventilator. His family says that he was generous and humble, and loved to spend time with his grandparents.


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