Barack Obama rode to a pair of electoral college wins by sticking to his campaign theme of Hope and Change for America. There has been plenty of change to go around but many it seems have lost hope.

The national debt is now nearly 20 trillion dollars. More people are not working than at any time in my lifetime. There are also far more people on welfare programs because of failed economic programs. Millions of people don’t even bother to look for work while 47 million others get food stamps each month. There is a growing level of despair I have never witnessed.

The citizens of this nation have demanded border security and been ignored. They’ve demanded privacy from government intrusion and been ignored. Voters have made it clear they want the Obama agenda to be stopped and they’ve been ignored. We want a stronger economy, a secure foreign policy, an end to illegal aliens flooding the country, better wages, a balanced budget, less intrusion and more security. We have been ignored almost across the board.

How else do you explain the level of anger in the country today?

The anger is pouring out of us on the left and the right. On the left the anger has manifested in movements like Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders campaign. On the right we’ve seen the rise of Donald Trump as the frustration boils to the surface.

Barack Obama meanwhile seems to fan the flames of discontent by pitting each group against each other. Instead of being a cheerleader for the nation like John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan he seems far more predisposed to attacking America and it’s institutions for failures both real and manufactured. It is time to reject his rhetoric across the board. It is time to embrace America and it’s institutions again and cheer for each other. It is time to spend the day talking about what makes us great and not what pulls us apart.

It is time to admit Hope and Change was nothing more than a bumper sticker and all we got was disappointed by it all.

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