So, Hostel was a big deal in the day, coming in early on the torture-porn genre that swept the world for a few years. It wasn't the most amazing movie, but it did spawn a couple sequels, including one shot in Detroit! Hostel Part III. The least exciting, and probably least graphic, of the series.

I think the thing they were counting on was the terror of this hunting club existing here in the US.

Didn't really do it for me.

Story is pretty much the same up front... some guys go to Vegas for a bachelor party weekend, end up with some hotties and going to a "club" WAYYYYYY off the strip, trying to be cool.

This, of course, leads to them being taken to the torture club, where... aw, hell, I'm not going to give it all away!

While the exterior stuff was mostly filmed in Vegas, you don't really see any of the actors in Vegas, just vehicles, and establishing shots to make you believe you're there.

You're REALLY in Detroit. This is probably the only time you could mistake Detroit for Las Vegas, since everything takes place inside sleazy warehouses, and the Detroit Masonic Temple.

Wow, those Masons sure know how to party! Haha... If you're one of those conspiracy nuts who think Masons sacrifice people or whatever, then this movie is for you! Just pretend everyone in the "hunting club" is a Mason, and you'll be as excited as Michael Moore at McDonald's!

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