The trendy new food item, hot cocoa bombs, are all the rage. But, where can you find them locally in Kalamazoo?

This was the exact question posed in the Facebook group, Kalamazoo Foodie and, man-o-man were there a lot of answers. But first, let's cover what a hot cocoa bomb is just in case you've never heard of it. It's pretty self-explanatory but, a hot cocoa bomb is a ball of chocolate that contains hot cocoa powder and marshmallows (with other ingredients added if you'd like). You drop the bomb into a cup, pour warm milk over it, and voila! You have delicious hot chocolate. Check out this tutorial:

If you're on the hunt for this delightful holiday treat, here are a few Kalamazoo places and people providing them this year:

1. Schultz's Treat Street 

Schultz's Treat Street is known for its hotdogs and ice cream but they also serve up delectable sweets like hot cocoa bombs. As well, you can find an assortment of holiday treats like cookie decorating kits and more on their website.

2. Chocolatea 

Chocolatea also came highly recommended. While I don't see cocoa bombs mentioned specifically on their website, I wouldn't be surprised if they carried them. Located in Portage, they have a reputation for making incredible sweets as well as teas (as the name would suggest). Unfortunately, right before Small Business Saturday (11/27/21), Chocolatea was robbed which, obviously, put a real damper on their holiday season. I'm sure they would appreciate any and all support. Find their full menu online.

3. Simply Sensational Berries  

Simply Sensational Berries is located in Battle Creek and offers a 'Grab and Go' case filled with yummy treats. However, if you're looking for something specific, Simply Sensational Berries recommends placing your order ahead of time since their featured foods change daily. Find their full menu, hours, and location on their website.

4. Cherri's Chocol'art 

Cherri's Chocol'art delivers mega milkshakes, like the one pictured above, and is a favorite chocolate shop in downtown Kalamazoo. However, their sweets are nothing to be scoffed at. They make so many things from scratch (like their marshmallows) and hot cocoa bombs are included in that list. But, if you'd like one of Cherri's hot cocoa bombs you will need to pre-order them. Find all of their information on their Facebook page.

5. Garden Griddle/GG's Sweets 

Last on the list, but certainly not the least, is GG's Sweets. Run by the same owners of Garden Griddle, GG's Sweets offers cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more. You can stop by their location in Paw Paw or order ahead online. You can find the order form and their full menu on their website.

The original post from the Kalamazoo Foodie Facebook group had over 80 suggestions of where to find hot cocoa bombs. That includes a lot of home bakeries. You can see all of the recommendations here.

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