The MSU Spartan Football team is now 2-0 after crushing Youngstown State on Saturday. They are not ranked yet, but with a large victory in Miami over the U they would be.

This is a new-look team with many new skilled players. Like I said last week, this team is not going to be over-hyped by me. This could be a solid team in the process, but let’s not put the cart before the horse.

This is a very different team with all the new players from all over the country. Head Coach Mel Tucker has done a masterful job combing the Transfer Portal for almost 40 new players. This team has to continue to grow and blend together as a new team. The other coordinators and coaches are also on a mission to put MSU Football on the map.

This week the Spartans will travel to South Florida, and a win there would be great exposure. There are so many awesome high school players in that hotbed area of the country. They will need a great showing.

The quarterback Peyton Thorne did a good job and he’ll get better. MSU finally has depth too. Mel Tucker seems to be a very demanding coach. I like that a lot.

The million-dollar question is, how good is this year’s MSU football team? Have they just had an easy first two weeks, or are they actually as good as they look?