Do you think overall, Michigan is more stressed or less stressed than other states?

Wallethub determined that Michigan lies almost in the middle, but leaning a little bit towards more stressed than most states.

According to their study, Michigan is the 20th most stressed out state.

To determine their ranking, WalletHub compared the 50 states across four key dimensions: 1) Work-Related Stress, 2) Money-Related Stress, 3) Family-Related Stress, 4) Health- & Safety-Related Stress.

They studied data like average hours worked per week, commute time, job security, personal bankruptcy rate, share of population living in poverty, divorce rates, cost of child care, bullying incidents, and average amount of sleep adults get each night.

Wallethub found Michigan's overall stress score to be 44.94. For Work-Related Stress Michigan ranked 25 in the U.S; Money-Related Stress 29the; Family-Related Stress 18th-- and Michgan's highest ranking in stress was the Health and Safety Related Stress category, coming in at 10th.

What's the most stressed out state? According to Wallethub, Louisiana.

Here are Wallethub's Top 5 Most Stressed states:

1. Louisiana

2. Mississippi

3. Arkansas

4. Kentucky

5. West Virginia

Least Stressed states, according to Wallethub:

1. Minnesota

2. Utah

3. Massachusetts

4. North Dakota

5. South Dakota

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