Over two feet of snow is about to melt in Southwest Michigan.  Here's what you need to know.

Kalamazoo has actually gotten nearly 18 inches less snow so far this season than the average by Feb 21st in this area.  However, Kalamazoo was hit with 24.5 inches of snow between February 4th - February 20th of 2021 according to WMU's Dr. Robert Ruhf.  Snowfall totals for Sunday afternoon and Monday morning have not yet been updated.  Since we never fell below the freezing mark for 17 straight days, all of that snow begins to melt today.

WWMT's forecast has the Kalamazoo area getting above freezing each day this week (Feb 22-28, 2021.)  High temps ranging from 34° to 42° for the next seven days.

Here are some helpful hints to prevent what could be a damaging flood due to a massive snow melt in Southwest Michigan this week.

Prevent Snow Melt Flooding

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