Hudsonville must be reading my mind or something because yesterday they decided to double down and announce two brand new ice cream flavors. The last time they released a new flavor I was absolutely floored with how good it was. Back in September they released their Cinnamon Sugar Cookie flavor, which is brown sugar ice cream brimming with cinnamon sugar shortbread cookies and a rich caramel ribbon. It went way beyond my expectations. Now I'm geared up for their newest additions.

Announced on the 11th, their limited edition flavors for 2021 are Cinnamon French Toast, which they claim to be the "ultimate Saturday morning treat" with caramel cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon shortbread pieces and ribbons of waffle cone and icing, The other flavor they've added is Malted Milk Ball: a fresh take on a diner classic - malt ice cream loaded with chocolate malt balls and ribbons of milk chocolate.

People are already chiming in on their Facebook announcement to show their support of the new flavors:

I've had the cinnamon French toast, its delicious.

Malt ball! Super excited to see if this compares to a local home town favorite

The cinnamon French toast is good and fairly close to the cinnamon sugar cookie but I really wish you'd bring that one back

Luckily for us, we can see which local stores are carrying the new flavors. Ya, they actually have a locator where you can track down a particular flavor. I love the future. According to the locator, you can find the new flavors are at all sorts of stores in and around Kalamazoo, including Meijer, Walmart, Hardings, and D & W.

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