You never know what you'll find on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Last week, it was a shipwreck from (we think) the 1800s.

According to Fox17 TV in Grand Rapids, recent storms have uncovered the remains of a shipwreck on the beach at White Lake Channel, north of Muskegon, near the White River Light Station.

What washed up is a fairly sizable piece of a shipwreck, thought to be (but not confirmed yet) from the Woodruff - a wooden, three-masted sailing ship, that sank several hundred yards offshore from where the remains were found - on Hallowen night, October 31st, 1878. Here's a little background on the sinking from the United States Lighthouse Society

So, if you like history, here's a chance to actually get your hands on some. But hurry - you never know when the lake will swallow her up again.





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