So in broadcasting you of course look across the playing field to the mountain top in the distance and wonder if you can climb that high. I am sure it must be that way in most, if not all competitive careers. Let’s be honest when you were 14 years old in the park shooting baskets with your friends you wondered what it would be like to be Magic or Michael with one tick left on the clock.

Many of us consider what Bill O’Reilly has pulled off to be remarkable no matter whether you buy into his politics or not. He had the highest rated cable news show for 15 years running before getting the boot this week for allegedly hounding the female staff around him with unwanted sexual advances for years. Fox News and its parent company 21st Century Fox paid out millions to keep the problems quiet but this week it was just too much. O’Reilly was given an un-ceremonial send-off after making his employer literally billions of dollars over the years.

So as you would guess I’ve gotten some notes from well wishers, friends and listeners all saying about the same thing, “wouldn’t you love to have that job?” Sure, I guess I would but it is not my first choice I can tell you that without hesitation. Not your first choice?!? I just heard you exclaim. To which I reply with a straight face no, not at all.

In fact I would much rather have Scott’s new gig. Scott, you ask? Yes former Senator Scott Brown who is setting his sights on the absolute dream job and it looks like he’s got it. That’s right US Ambassador to New Zealand! That is the greatest job I have ever heard of. I love New Zealand but anyone who has ever listened to this show for very long has figured that out. I had a near death experience there last May when I was crushed under a UTV. I broke lots of bones and I’m still healing, but the time it took to get well around Queenstown was time I was able to fall in love with the country.

In fact I was reading that because it’s tucked away in the South Pacific so far from everyone else's problems these days, it is quite a popular place for people to move. I am guessing, ahem, Ambassador Brown will need to have two houses, one on the North Island and on the South Island. Tough life huh?

So to be clear, I’d take the job on the other side of the world without blinking an eye. I wonder if the Ambassador could use a could spokesman?

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