If you’ve been listening to the radio in Battle Creek Michigan for the last 14 years, then you already know about the lifeline for the community, known as “Inasmuch House”. It’s Calhoun County’s only homeless shelter for individuals and families who need a helping hand, and the way things have been going the last few months, that’s quite a few people.

One person who knows about Inasmuch House is Lori S. Lori was homeless with nowhere to go just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US. She had a good experience once before with the shelter, run by Haven of Rest, and was hoping they could help her again.

“They really do help you out to get back on your feet and they’re really there for you during your stay and after your stay,” says Lori. “The staff is very nice and loving and caring, and they don’t judge you. You can talk to them one-on-one it stays between you and them. They don’t go telling others about your business.”

The 41-year old says she was getting help at Inasmuch House when social distancing measures went into effect. The shelter found her a hotel room to stay in for a few weeks, and now she’s got her own place, and she says they’re still helping her.
Lori says she got help with personal supplies like body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, feminine products, as well as meals. “That lets you save any money coming in toward getting your own place.”

Lori’s advice to others who are struggling in our community? “I would tell them to check out Inasmuch House. They’re caring, supportive, and you know they don’t judge you. If you’re an addict or recovering addict, they have a wonderful WLRP (Women’s Life Recovery Program).” Lori says she wasn’t in that program but says they teach some great life skills there.

Like the rest of us, Lori says she has other issues on top of being homeless. “Without Inasmuch House I probably would have given up a long time ago and I probably wouldn’t be here.”

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