Michigan and Ohio ranked low in these findings, but Indiana is almost last in the nation.

Vaccinations are important for the health and safey of all of us according to WalletHub,

Vaccinations are some of the most valuable contributions to modern medicine. They have drastically reduced the prevalence of certain diseases, including polio, tetanus, measles and chicken pox. One disease, smallpox, has even been eradicated completely, with no natural cases since 1977.

Vaccines have prevented the deaths of at least 10 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization and 732,000 in the U.S. between 1994 and 2013 according to the CDC.

Using 13 key categories WalletHub broke down the 50 states plus Washington DC to give us the best and worst states in regarding vaccinations.  Click here to see the methodology they used to come up with the rankings below.

Michigan was close to the middle at #32 overall and #26 for Children and Teens .  Ohio was a little closer to the bottom at #37 overall but dropped to #43 for Children and Teens.  Indiana nearly last place at #47 and #44 with Children and Teens.

Top 5 States For Vaccinations in the U.S.

1 Massachusetts
2 Vermont
3 Rhode Island
4 North Dakota
5 New Hampshire

Bottom 5 States For Vaccinations in the U.S.

47 Indiana
48 Georgia
49 Florida
50 Texas
51 Mississippi

(there is a total of 51 due to the inclusion of Washington DC)

Check out the full top 51 and get more info by clicking here.


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