Imagine being a Michigan Department of Transportation worker and having tons of vehicle traffic just over your head as you work. That's the experience for these MDOT crews who perform maintenance inside the Zilwaukee Bridge. The photo was an MDOT Photo of the Day

Yes, maintenance workers can walk inside the Zilwaukee Bridge (and are under you while you're driving on it!).

The very tall bridge that carries I-75 over the Saginaw River between Saginaw and Bay City has a large hidden work area underneath the eight lanes of traffic. The bridge is indeed imposingly tall, built to allow fighters access from Lake Huron to ports in Saginaw.

This is not the first time MDOT has given us an insider's look at the bridge. This video, posted in 2018 shows the underbelly of the bridge and the Saginaw River far below.

Nor is the Zilwaukee Bridge the only one to have a hidden inside access. Watch as works climb into this bridge on US 131 over the Muskegon River.

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