Franklin Castle is known as Ohio's most haunted location and also believed to be a Nazi compound after a purchase by the German Socialist Party in 1913. According to,

For years, tales were told of doors that exploded off their hinges, lights that spun around on their own, electrical circuits that behaved erratically, the inexplicable sounds of a baby crying, and even a woman in black who had been spotted staring forlornly from a small window in the front tower room.  

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The ghosts here are numerous. In a small room at the rear of the house a pile of baby skeletons was found

They also stated that the owner had an illegitimate daughter, Karen, who hung herself in the house and her spirit still roams the halls.

Karen's ghost was often encountered by staff of the Universal Christian Church, which made an attempt to occupy the building after buying it in September of 1975.

Reading from, legend says that after the death of Tiedemann's mother and daughter (within weeks of each other) that the infamous hidden rooms and secret passageways were constructed inside Franklin Castle. The spirits took a brief vacation. That is until,

1913, it came back with a vengeance when Franklin Castle was sold to the German Socialist Party. Officially only used as a place for parties and meetings, rumors quickly started to spread that the Germans were actually using the Castle as a place to spy.

In 1999, Michelle Heimberger bought the castle and carriage house for $350,000, as reported by Wikipedia but after several fires and a misguided attempt to turn it into a club, it was sold at a loss. Franklin Castle was then purchased in 2011 for $260,000 with permits submitted to turn it into apartments.

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