Cancel Culture has a ravenous appetite that cannot be satisfied.  It will never end until everything and everybody has been canceled.

Now the cancel culture cult is after woman’s breast, specifically pregnant women's breast.  The cult even has members that are “healthcare professionals”.  WTNH is reporting that this movement wants to changes the term “breast milk” to “chest milk”.

In 2015 an Illinois mother, Jill Aspinwal, became an internationally board-certified lactation consultant. I did not even know there were “internationally board-certified lactation” consultants.  After that, she opened her own lactation company called “After Hours Breastfeeding Support.”

Ms. Aspinwal decided that she wanted to become “more inclusive” or perhaps more woke and decided that she would start calling breast milk, chest milk or human milk.  She wanted to appease transgender parents as well as non-binary parents.  For those who are not woke like me non-binary people are people who do not identify with any gender or biological sex.  Ms. Aspinwal stated:

“We’re transitioning now to use chest milk just to be more inclusive of all populations and that term is probably going to be changed in the near future”

Perhaps Ms. Aspinwall’s training did not inform her that only biological women can breast feed or she just wants to be hip and more inclusive.

Are transgender people really upset or feel excluded about the term breast milk or is it more the busybodies who are upset for them?

Who knows.

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