Many people in the political sphere are looking at Michigan as a good mix of the American electorate.

Recently Michigan held the Mackinac Policy Conference in which two political analyst attended, one was Matthew Dowd the chief political analyst for ABC News, and Donna Brazile, contributor to Fox News and veteran Democratic political strategist.  They stated that they believe Michigan is a “perfect microcosm” of the American electorate.

Mlive reported on this conference and stated that Matthew Dowd believed that the 2016 election revealed to him and others that many people feel used by politicians and felt they had been “left behind by advancements in technology, social changes and the global economy”.

I certainly believe that many of us did and still do feel used by our elected politicians and I would state are used by many of our politicians, but I am not so sure about being left behind by “advancements in technology, social changes and the global economy”, do you?

For the reasons stated above Dowd believed that is why President Trump and Bernie Sanders won their primaries in Michigan in the 2016 election cycle.

At that conference Donna Brazile stated that the Democratic Party is undergoing “some of the biggest growing pains” in a generation. She went on to say these changes are being driven by a diverse millennial voters segment which is pushing forward new conversations.  She was quoted stating:

We are having a conversation about socialism, we are having a conversion about climate change, about reparations, you name it…We need to have this conversation because too many of our people are feeling left behind. If we don’t come up with a way to close this gap, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

What I found most interesting is a statement Matthew Dowd made when he said:

Donald Trump fundamentally isn’t going to win based upon what he perceives to be his success, because the country has formed its opinion on him

Ask yourself how that opinion on President Trump is and has been formed.  Well it has been formed based on what the media has reported and given their opinion on.  That is how much power the main stream media has over our elections.  That power has been eroded over the decades by the emergence of cable news and the variety of sources people can get their news from, that is both a good and bad development.

In the end it all depends where people decide where to get their news and if they do not seek out opinions and new sites that offer differing news stories, opinions and actually informs their viewers, readers and listeners of all sides of the issues.  As well as pointing out the hypocrisies of the people involved in those stories if there are any.

If people decide to stay in their bubble and choose to ignore what their team is doing and only point out what the other team is doing then things will not change and we will be stuck where we are today and that is a paralysis brought on by partisanship.

That paralysis is going to only hurt the American people, it will not hurt the politicians.

Wake up America and see what the news media is doing to our country.

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