One of the greatest and most skilled hockey players in NHL history, Pavel Datsyuk, spent his entire professional career playing for the Detroit Red Wings. In 2016, he announced he would be leaving the NHL to move back to Russia and play for the KHL. Datsyuk's KHL contract ends this year and there is rumor and quite possibly a chance he may once again return to the Red Wings organization.

Datsyuk's agent Dan Milstein had plenty to offer to Match TV in Russia according to "I can tell you Pavel is not ready to quit hockey in next few years. So it's up to him, going to America or playing in KHL. He will have a lot of options if he decides to return to NHL. But it'd be appropriate to return to Detroit where he spent all his North American career. Though it's up to Datsyuk. Will he want to make this comeback? Pavel is getting slower with age, but his skill and vision are still there. People would go to the stadium to see him. I think it'd be lovely and appropriate for him to return to North America, but again, he will make a decision."


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