If you have thoughts and opinions about local, Kalamazoo elections then tonight is your chance to voice them.

As reported by WoodTv News Channel 8, Kalamazoo City Commissioners are inviting residents in the community to voice their opinions about local elections, how easy it is to vote, whether or not people feel included and more. The meeting starts tonight at 5p.m. 

If you have an opinion you'd like to voice or feedback on your experience with elections you can either send an email to hello@kalamazoocity.org or call (269) 337-8000. Keep in mind, that feedback may be read aloud during the meeting.

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Last year, the clerk's office was able to install an additional 4 voter drop boxes and voter assistance offices were opened at WMU thanks to a $218,869 grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life. The purpose was to make sure that every member of the community, especially the underserved, had access to voting.

Even with the additional voter drop boxes, it's possible that people are still being or feeling excluded, which is the purpose of tonight's meeting.

Scott Borling, City Clerk, said in a press release that,

We want voting to be easy, convenient and secure for everyone in our city. Please take a moment to share how we can better serve the people of the City of Kalamazoo and help everyone exercise their sacred and fundamental right to vote.

Moving forward from tonight, the city commission plans to hold additional meetings where community members can voice their opinions on voting access. Stay up to date on the ongoing calendar of events here.

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