It is time that we as Americans put down our political-ideological swords and come together at our shared table, although we must be at least 6 feet away.  When I say Americans I mean all of us from citizens to reporters to newsmen and woman to pundits and yes all of you politicians and your Party people.

For those of you who say what about radio talk show hosts like you Renk, well that is what a pundit is.  Some of us are on Television, some in the papers and others like myself, on the radio.

Many restaurants are providing free meals for children not receiving their free meals at school.  I have heard of young people offering to grocery shop for the older generation.   I have heard of teenagers offering to do yardwork for elderly people.  My wife heard on the radio of two young kids (6 and 9 years old) who went to an elderly neighbors home who they heard was feeling lonely and isolated and they played their cellos on her porch. 

Papers need to stop with the misleading and fearmongering headlines. The trolls on the internet need to stop trolling and the hoarders definitely need to STOP hoarding.  There are people who really need those products that you will never use in the next 6 months.

It is time we Americans do what we do best and that is come together as Americans and defeat whatever is in front of us.

We will defeat this!

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