Maybe it's because we're in the heart of the region of the country that loves and appreciates hockey, but I'm not so sure that's it. It's really interesting to see people's "interaction" with the Stanley Cup.

StanleyCup with Kathy and Dave Benson
Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission.

As you probably know by now, the Stanley Cup is in Kalamazoo this week for Hockey Heritage Week. The Cup has been to Bronson Hospital, the City Commission, there's a line around the building when it came to Old Burdick's, and, course, it came here.

Maybe it's just because the national media treat hockey as the "fourth" sport, but you start to forget that in spite of that, people know exactly the significance of The Cup.

A photographer friend was telling me Monday evening at one of the stops, there were women (and men) getting emotional in it's presence. Of course, there are a lot of KOHA parents in town and with the success of the two "Original Six" franchises within the 150 miles of here, especially in recent years, and the higher visibility of the NHL via network television and digital platforms, it shouldn't be suprising. But still....

There is such a reverence for the trophy. Yes, it's 122 years old, and it is maybe the hardest trophy to earn, and maybe that it.

I'm not really sure what my point here is really, other than "wow". I was next to The Stanley Cup.

Here's a previous post as to this week's schedule of events.

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