June is PTSD awareness month. There is a fight over the name. Some people call it Post Traumatic Stress and some add the disorder at the end. Either way, it's real and about 70 percent of Americans have it. I have it. It is NOT a curse. I have accomplished more in my life with it, than without it. But others are not so lucky. Click here to see my story. 

PTSD runs deep in the military and emergency responders. Humans are supposed to see some of the things these people see. It used to be called shell shock. THe military still doesn't have an understanding of it, that is why we lose around 22 Veterans per day to suicide. The military won't promote you if you have a mental issue, like PTSD.

Veterans in the area can get help for PTSD locally, like me. It's a treatment called EMDR. Click here to read about what EMDR is. I have found it the most effective treatment I have tried for PTSD.

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