Just under 3 months ago in March, the AT&T servers were hacked and caused a multitude of issues for the service provider and all of its customers. The hackers were able to get into the system and shut down cell service and even emergency cell service in many areas across the country for over 12 hours. This would leave many AT&T customers and customers from other service providers scrambling to find answers about their cell phones.

AT&T later came out and explained that they were hacked while trying to perform maintenance on a couple of their business platforms and that they had solved the issue, reinstating everyone's service. Now, AT&T is back in the news for the same reason as more complaints were piling on their desks as customers were without service across the country. Michigan was one of the many states that were affected by this most recent outage, causing many AT&T customers to be confused about their service.

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AT&T customers in Michigan experienced an outage on Tuesday, June 4th, in the afternoon which caused their phones to be without service for hours. The first complaints started to roll in around 1 pm as many Michigan residents began to wonder what was going on with their cell service. Calls didn't start to slow down until about 6 pm so it was about 3-5 hours of issues depending on when it started for each customer.

The problem that most customers were experiencing was trouble connecting to other service providers for text and calls. So most services to other AT&T customers were working but when trying to reach out to someone from another company that's when problems began to arise.

Most of the problems were between AT&T customers and Verizon customers who because of the interoperability problem, also reported a service outage on Down Detector Tuesday. Eventually, an AT&T spokesperson said the following regarding the outage:

“We collaborated with the other carrier to find a solution and appreciate our customers patience during this period.”

That is everything you need to know at the moment about the outage that occurred this week. Are you fed up with this service? If so, it might be time to change to a new provider!

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