The Detroit Lions haven't necessarily been the model football franchise for a long time. They have struggled mightily for several years as they couldn't find the right pieces starting up in the front office and all the way down to the players. Winning football games was more than just a task for the Lions as they have had more losing seasons in the last 30 years than one team should ever have. This year, fans have started to see a glimpse of how things could change for the team.

This year, the Lions have done a number of things that their franchise hadn't been able to accomplish since the early 1990s. The first was coming out as champions of the NFC North Division which would give them a playoff berth, but this wasn't just any playoff berth. They would be hosting their first playoff game in Ford Field and the first home playoff game in Detroit since 1992. They also won that playoff game and now have themselves even closer to a super bowl, although this is unprecedented for some fans, this is nothing new for the Lions. They are just entering another one of their dynasty decades.

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I am someone who pays attention to patterns and the Lions have a unique history that seems to follow a pattern. It took a little bit of research, but Detroit Lions fans have plenty to be excited about. Of course, this season is the starting point as they have had an incredible season and continue to impress but this could literally just be the beginning. This isn't the first time the Lions have been good, but it has been a long time since then.

Wins From Way Back

If you take stroll through the NFL history books, you'll find out that the Detroit Lions aren't what many people consider to be a "poverty franchise". These are basically franchises that can't draw good talent, win games, or find any real success. These are often teams that don't have a championship to their name, but the problem is the Lions haven't done so in the Super Bowl Era.

In the 1950's and before the Lions were one of the best teams in the NFL at the time. The Detroit Lions went to and won multiple NFL championships in their time and were considered dominate in the 1950s where they won a championship but went to multiple championship games. This would trickle into the early 1960's before the lions would lose their juice until the 1990s.

Ninety's Nostalgia

The 1990s were good to the Lions as well. They were able to find some success in the draft but also out on the football field. They were able to put together some solid performances on the gridiron which would lead to them having multiple playoff visits and they even won a few games. Although they had some success, they just couldn't find their way to the Super Bowl.

This would set the precedent for Lions fans to feel like things could change for them. It had been a long time since Lions fans could talk about their team without being shamed. They also were now able to turn on their tv or attend a game and know that the Lions have a chance to win. Barry Sanders had completely changed the football landscape in Detroit but only momentarily.

2020s Belong To The Lions

As you can see there are some gaps between the good times for the Detroit Lions and that's because those years weren't pretty. The Detroit Lions and their fans have had to deal with decades of below average play multiple times, but they always come out on top. If they are able to brave the storm of mediocrity for upwards of 20+ years than they deserve all the great things that are coming.

This year's Lions and the Detroit Lions teams that will come after have a chance to do something that the rest of them haven't been able to do. That would be make it to and/or win a Super Bowl title for the city of Detroit. This team is stacked in all the right positions and has the city behind their back. They are entering another decade of greatness for them, and they could get it done, maybe even this year!

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