When the weather is warm, eating outdoors can be a lot of fun. As we have seen for years upon years, people will elect to eat outside often. From just outdoor patio seating at a restaurant, a picnic in the park, or even just sitting on their back porch for dinner. Eating outdoors brings a different ambiance to the meal and sometimes creates memories for all involved. Although, these are not the only ways to eat outdoors as food trucks have become increasingly popular.

Food Trucks provide amazing food on the go for people who may not have a lot of time to sit down or visit a restaurant during their short lunch break. They normally have reasonable prices and short lines as they quickly get customers their food and look to help the next patron. There aren't as many food trucks here in Kalamazoo as we may find in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Houston, or other warm areas but we do our best to show them support. Wild bull has announced that they will be hosting Food Truck Fridays, an event to spotlight food trucks once a week.

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Imagine needing something quick to eat but you still want a quality meal, so you stray away from fast food. Your next best option is to visit a food truck, where you can get speedy service while also receiving great food. Sometimes it's hard to find a food truck drumming around Kalamazoo but when you do, they don't leave you disappointed. Willd Bull is now trying to bring those vibes to the downtown Kalamazoo area.

I can admit, when I first came across this information, I could've sworn it said "Food Truck Friday" but clearly that is not the case. This is not a Friday only event, this is an event that will be operating every day. The parking lot of Wild Bull will have several food trucks setting up shop and looking for hungry customers.

As seen in the Facebook post above, there are time slots available and rules they must abide by, but realistically this should be an awesome thing for the city. If you are looking to get your food truck involved contact Wild Bull by email with your business name, type of food you serve, and a phone number for you and they will reach out via phone to get you scheduled! The email can be found on the Facebook Post from above.

The time slots and rules are as follows:

Time slots are as follows:

  • Lunch hours (11am-2pm) - Any day of the week
  • Dinner hours (4pm-7:30pm) - Any day of the week
  • Night life (8pm-2am) - Friday & Saturday nights only (Next available night is the end of June)
Conditions are as follows:
  • You must police your trash and trash left by your customers. All trash must be taken with you when you leave, we do not authorize use of our dumpster.
  • Each time you’re here we kindly ask you provide a meal for the 2-3 managers that are here in exchange for allowing you to use our parking lot free of charge.
  • We would like to display a Wild Bull promotional poster/tabletop promo on your truck to promote upcoming events at Wild Bull while you’re parked here.

They have made it very clear that you be given written consent from Wild Bull to participate as this is not a free-for-all. They are also limiting each food truck to one time slot per week so they can keep a fresh rotation of food trucks coming through.

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