Going to an Expo event usually is for a very niche group that consists of participants in said interest at a professional level, participants at an amateur level, super and casual fans, and maybe there's a small group of individuals who don't know a lot or anything at all but want to learn more.

Most of these events are also known as conventions but either way, the Expo we are getting in Battle Creek is next-level. This will be one of the most widespread Expo's the United States has ever seen. Besides myself and the block appearing on stage before the main event, there will be a long LIST of desirable attractions to draw you in.

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Starting at 4 pm on Saturday, September 16th there will be the Inaugural Mid-Michigan "BIG" Expo presented by E and V Entertainment Group and A.J States Productions. The Expo will take place at Leila Arboretum from 4 pm to Midnight. From 4 pm to about 7:30 pm or so it will be an all-age event as there will be food, drinks, games, contests, and TONS of vendor booths.

From clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other collectibles to paintings, drawings, and more will be available to purchase and the merchants are open to discussion. Once the clock strikes 8 pm they'll start to ask parents to take their children home and for others under the age of 30 to leave the premises.

This is when the real party starts as there will be a comedy show to end the night. I wish I had names of who will be there and how long they'll be performing but at least we know that the grown folks will be able to end their night with no distractions from the children.

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