When you decide to buy tickets and attend an NFL game then you are automatically throwing away almost half of your day. You've got to get up and eat breakfast, shower, spend the time in traffic to drive to the game, tailgate, watch the game, and then spend the time celebrating and/or in traffic leaving the game. The game itself is somewhere between 3 and 4 hours, so that's quite some time.

In the past Detroit Lions games haven't been the most exciting to attend as they would often lose even to teams that they were favored to beat. So many times fans went to hang out with friends, enjoy the drinks, and bask in the atmosphere. Well, things have changed in the last couple of years and Lions games are ones you should be paying attention to. One fan got caught lacking in their game against the Seahawks.

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The Lions hosted the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field in Detroit last Sunday, they ended up losing by 6 in overtime but it was a back-and-forth contest in regulation time. As previously mentioned NFL games take quite a bit of time out of your day, so it's common for fans to use their cell phones for various reasons while enjoying the game. Many choose to video or take pictures, some scroll social media, and others like to text.

@pardonmytake There was a wild series if text messages at the Lions game that should not have been seen by anyone or at least waited till after the game #lions #nfl #mnf #football #barstoolsports ♬ original sound - pardonmytake

In the video above you can see that one man was getting some very interesting text while at the game, and to say the least his responses were just as interesting if not more. Fans were able to do some research and backtracking from time stamps and realized these texts were sent and received during the 2nd quarter, so there's a chance he was paying attention during the important part of the game.

@worldsportsnetwork One Detroit Lions fan was getting frisky in the upper deck #foryoupage #sportstiktok #lions #nfl ♬ Superhero (Heroes & Villains) - Instrumental - Metro Boomin

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