Bed, Bath, and Beyond has been down bad for the past couple of years. As we have seen in the last decade, many large corporations are folding under or selling their companies due to tough times. From places like K-Mart, Sears, and Toy-R-Us to the most recent in Bed Bath & Beyond the trend remains the same.

Michigan has been no stranger to the fall of the Bed Bath & Beyond empire as dozens of stores have already closed with more to close soon. Southwest Michigan had been affected but for the most part stayed safe, until now. Portage had one of the last standing in the area, but soon that location will be closed as well.

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In the previous closing sweeps through the state of Michigan, Portage has been skipped over while other stores in Michigan closed. The area saw stores close in Muskegon, Lansing, and other cities as the company continues to lose money and has closed 10 stores in the state in the past year.

Bed Bath & Beyond has closed over 400 stores in the past year and Michigan is getting hit HARD in the next set of closings. As they prepare to close 7 more stores in the state, it brings the total to 17 in the last year. Starting as west as Holland and going as far East as Westland, the whole state will be affected.

Stores in Holland, Flint, Okemos, Saginaw, Troy, and Westland will close alongside the Portage location leaving only 9 storefronts in the state. Those 9 locations are in Beverly Hills, Grand Rapids, Novi, Petosky, Rochester Hills, Roseville, Sterling Heights, Taylor, and Traverse City. 

This is sad news as we can get ready to say goodbye to the semi-annual sales, the great smells, the comfortable pillows, and everything else they had to offer. I wish we could just use a remote to Click back to simpler times causing mischief around the store. Use that remote to rewind back to the nap you took on the bed and then fast forward to check out with all the best lotions!

At the end of the day, I could throw out a thousand Click references trying to be your friend but that's pointless. The store needed you to say "you need a friend? I'll be your friend!" a LONG time ago. Now we just have to search for all those Bed and Bath needs Beyond their doors.

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