Thankfully, we're entering a day and age where being queer is a bit more normalized and accepted. Of course, it's unlikely our culture ever comes to fully accept it - after all, racism is still a thing.

That said, homophobia is still prevalent across the nation. But truthfully, there isn't some mass takeover of LGBTQ+ people, especially those looking to indoctrinate your children and poison the watering hole (or insert ridiculous unfounded fear here).

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So, the plight of gay and queer Americans should not be undersold, but we can at least take pride in the fact that our friends feel more comfortable than ever to be themselves. Roughly 7% of Americans identify as queer, equating to around 17.8 million people or the number of Asian adults living in the United States.

If that number shocks you as particularly low, you aren't alone. But the truth of the matter is that even the most recognizably "gay" cities cap at 2% identifying as LGBTQ+. In fact, San Francisco has the highest gay population at just under 360,000 people or 2.33% of the city's population - the only American city with a larger than 2% gay population. Heck, California is only the 39th gayest state.

That brings us to Ohio which is a significantly gayer state than California. According to a study from Road Snacks, Ohio is the 13th gayest state in America. The Buckeye state is home to 557,600 gay adults, 6.2% of the state's population.

Columbus houses the highest percentage of gay households in a separate study from Road Snacks at 0.89%, the 16th highest gay population of any city in America. Cleveland lands at 25th with 0.69% and Cincinnati at 30th with 0.62% while Toledo was 61st with 0.33%. Those numbers may be a bit conservative, as it doesn't necessarily account for single gays, which could understandably outnumber live-in couples or married couples.

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