We all have hobbies and outlets to help us unwind at the end of a long day at work or to take advantage of our free time with something fun and fulfilling.

Whether you collect some sort of knickknack or practice art or simply watch television, where you live can impact how much you can truly enjoy your hobby. For example, I play video games in my free time. With how that hobby has evolved over the years, if I don't have a fast, reliable internet service, I'm not going to be playing much.

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Coincidentally, though for a variety of reasons, a recent study from PrivacyJournal.net ranked Detroit as one of America's worst cities for gamers. The study looked at the 100 most populated cities in the country and weighed livability, internet structure, gaming community and gaming career paths to determine the best and worst cities for gamers to live in. The only Michigan city on the list, Detroit, came in at No. 94 on the list.

Detroit didn't bomb every aspect of the study. The Motor City actually ranked No. 32 for gaming careers and education, indicating theirs actually a sizable market for folks looking to be in the industry in the city.

Detroit also didn't score poorly in livability, coming in at No. 51 in the country. Unfortunately, those two aspects are weighed the least in the study.

When it came to dependable internet and community engagement, the heavier weighed aspects of the study, Detroit really suffered.

Detroit's internet was ranked at No. 90 among the top 100 cities while its gaming community and retail access was No. 98, with only St. Paul, Minnesota and Newark, New Jersey ranking worse.

Of course, Detroit is the only Michigan city ranked on this list. Take a look around other parts of the state and you'll see plenty of locally-owned gaming shops and events and find truly reliable internet access.

But if you're a Detroit gamer looking for peak performance in a city built just for gamers like you, New York City is the place for you, as it was ranked as the No. 1 city for gamers in the study. Of course, NYC is expensive to live in, so if you a city with a low cost of living and ranking in the top 11 of each category in the study, Raleigh, North Carolina is the place for you.

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