Founded in Cincinnati the first Kroger store opened in 1883.

Kroger is Ohio. That's why news of a mega grocery merger gave us such a shake-up! With over 211 retail locations across the state and 35,954 associates employed, they can't just up and leave us-- can they?

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Here's what we know so far about the Kroger-Alberstons merger:

If you're not familiar, Albertsons has 379 grocery stores in the U.S, primarily located across the Western states like Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.

Add that to Kroger's 1,239 stores in 16 states ranging from Michigan to Texas and it's obvious the two conglomerates will cover plenty of ground once they join forces. In fact, according to the AP both Kroger and Alberstons are,

two of the nation’s largest grocery chains.

When news of the merger first broke it was reported the two grocery store chains would lose nearly 400 stores in preparation for the merger. According to a press release the following stores will be divested by both Kroger and Albertsons following the merger:

  • WA: 104 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
  • CA: 66 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
  • CO: 52 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • OR: 49 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
  • TX/LA: 28 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • AZ: 24 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • NV: 15 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • IL: 14 Kroger stores
  • AK: 14 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • ID: 13 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • NM: 12 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • MT/UT/WY: 12 Albertsons Cos. stores
  • DC/MD/VA: 10 Harris Teeter stores (owned by Kroger Co.)

So how is this new merger affecting Kroger stores across Ohio? Well, it's not! At least not at the moment, thankfully.

As mentioned, Kroger is practically synonymous with Ohio so it'd be devastating to see them leave home. I can't imagine that happening anytime in the near future but with the ever-changing economic landscape, is anyone ever really safe?

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