Yet another scam is going around southwest Michigan and keeping us on our toes. Ahead of the weekend, the Bangor Police Department posted this warning on social media,

Bangor community, please be aware there are counterfeit $50 dollar bills being circulated in our area
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What to Look For

Authorities went on to add that although the counterfeit bills are passing the marker test, which uses a specialized ink that turns black when used on a counterfeit bill, the bills in question fail to pass the watermark test. In fact, the watermarks are incorrect entirely!

Another important note police in Bangor, MI pointed out was the serial numbers on the counterfeit bills. Despite passing the marker test, when authorities took a closer look at the questionable $50 bills they noticed they all had the same serial number of PB41019252A.

What Happens If You Find a Fake Bill?

The Bangor Police Department asks that if you're someone who carries cash to please check your bills while paying special attention to the serial numbers. If you do happen to encounter a fake $50 bill you're asked to contact your local police department immediately.

How To Tell If a Bill is Fake

Experts at Cornell University advise consumers on how to spot a counterfeit bill which includes:

  • Feeling the texture of the bill
  • Comparing the bill with similar denominations
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Looking for colored fibers within the bill
  • Examining serial numbers
  • Looking for other key security features like the security thread

More detailed information on how to spot counterfeit bills can be found here.

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