Crying is a human function that many use to cope with or release sadness, anger, joy, despair, and many other feelings. Most people like to be alone when they cry, which is understandable some of us are ugly criers, loud criers, or even hysterical criers and wouldn't want anyone else to see all that.

I personally like to cry while in the shower in laying in bed so that I have that privacy, but some don't have the option to cry at home. So, when you're all exhausted of options to cry at home, where can you go? Here's a list of places in Kalamazoo that are great to release those tears.

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While scrolling through Reddit there was a post from a use, u/SteveOnAPlane in the Kalamazoo subreddit that you can see below:

Emotion Expected

Some of the best places to cry are the places where people are expecting emotions to be high because no one is going to think twice or question you. A couple of comments made on the Reddit posts above even mention how no one approached them and they walked the halls while drinking coffee afterward.

The Bronson and Borgess Atriums were one of the first options given mentioning the spacious area and great lighting. Don't forget that lighting is important for those crying selfies lol! Crying doesn't look out of place here and they have a cafeteria you can snag a meal from in case crying makes you hungry.

Mountain Home Cemetery across from Henderson Castle is another place that provides privacy but doesn't look abnormal. You have great views of the city and the wind will come thru and dry up your tears when you're done. Honestly, any cemetery in Kalamazoo will give you plenty of alone time to let it all out.

Pain in Privacy

Places like nature preserves, local parking lots, and parks can also provide a certain level of privacy to feel through your emotions and work through the tear-jerking moments. Kalamazoo has plenty of parks, nature preserves, and parking lots to choose from but these are the best.

Any local Meijer parking lot will be the perfect place to have a breakdown and cry for as long as you need. No matter the time of day, if you park in the right place(and have your lights off at night) you could sit in the Meijer Parking lot letting tears roll down your cheeks with no disruptions.

The nature preserves and the parks will probably come in second place behind the hospitals and cemeteries because these are almost the perfect places. Klienstruck preserve has a few spots out by the lake, the peninsula on the south side of the lake at Asylum Lake Preserve. Crane park also sits atop Westnedge hill allowing you to see the whole city through your teary eyes.

Funny Feelings

As expected when you come across anything on Reddit somebody is going to crack a joke or make light of the situation and, well, a few of the options had given me fits of unstoppable laughter.

The first is probably a very solid place to cry as it has to be private but crying behind El Ranchero on Portage after the sunset, so you get amazing views along with your crying session.

This other comment had me DYING simply because it's become a hot topic in the Kalamazoo Community, is a total joke, and is an awful place to go to seriously cry. Someone mentioned the light by Advia on West Main as you wait for it to turn green, and I couldn't help but explode with laughter.

If you're looking for somewhere to cry, looking for some privacy, or just want a place where you can be alone to think and process maybe these places can help. Kalamazoo is a joyous city but doesn't lack places to feel despair.

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