Why are there so many of these Bigfoot displays all over the outskirts of Decatur, Michigan?

While driving through Decatur, Michigan last week I thought I saw a Bigfoot throwing a "rock on" hand signal while holding an American flag on Decatur Road near the winding curves before Fifield Hill.   I checked Google Street View to find that the Google car had just been there in August.  The picture below confirms that I'm not crazy.

Bigfoot sighting in Decatur, Michigan
Google Street View

After that odd sighting, I decided to pay more careful attention to my surroundings during my drives from Kalamazoo to Niles each afternoon.  I spotted two more Bigfoot displays along Decatur Road.  I saw one of the Bigfoot displays at the bottom of Fifield Hill.  Then another on someone else's property on the other side of Fifield Hill as seen below.

Bigfoot Sightings in Decatur, Michigan
Dana Marshall
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Then, a couple of miles toward Cassapolis on Decatur Road there's a random bear display.

Bear sighting in Decatur, Michigan
Dana Marshall

OK, Decatur people, what exactly is going on here?  What's the fascination with Sasquatch?  These 7-foot-tall Bigfoot displays are going for almost $200 on Amazon.  How can you afford all of these Bigfoot standups in this economy...and why?

When Decatur isn't busy placing mythical creatures in random yards and fields, they are helping out the music programs at Decatur High School and other local schools.  Click the button below to get more info on Help M.U.S.I.C. Program created by a local high school senior.

To some people in Michigan, Bigfoot is serious business.  Check out some of these Michigan sasquatch sightings below.

Fascinating Bigfoot Reports From Each Michigan County

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, it's still really entertaining to read about all of the times people claim they have come into contact with the creature. Below we're going to go through Michigan county by county and detail the most interesting Bigfoot encounter that's been reported there.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Gibbons