After much speculation we finally have an answer!

It was a sad day when we had to say goodbye to all the Bed Bath & Beyond locations across West Michigan, including 8 others across the state and hundreds of locations nationwide.

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The retail space at 5930 S. Westnedge Ave in Portage, Michigan has sat empty since closing in 2023.

I personally was hoping city officials in Portage would jump on the nationwide trend of turning now-closed big box retailers into indoor pickleball courts, thus still bringing in plenty of traffic to desolate shopping centers across America-- but no.

Google Maps
Portage, Michigan - Google Maps

Well, I guess anything is better than letting it sit there empty.

Breaking news from MLive reports Portage-based development company Meyer C. Weiner company, who owns the property, now lists "Burlington" on their tenant directory.

Burlington Coat Factory
Burlington - Getty Images

According to MLive there are over 1,000 Burlington locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, 27 of which are in Michigan. Funnily enough, Burlington only just moved from the Crossroads Mall area to West Main in 2021. Now it's coming back to Portage?

Maybe the 3rd time's the charm? Or wait, does this just mean there will be two Burlingtons in Southwest Michigan now?

Bed Bath & Beyond Portage, MI
Portage, Michigan- Lauren G/TSM

Locals have been speculating at what would ultimately fill the empty retail space; aside from the usual guesses of Dollar General, credit union, or dispensary here's what folks said on Reddit:

  • Best guess would be Nordstrom rack or Ross dress for less" - u/whiteboykenn
  • "Burlington maybe? Hope not, but color scheme matches. Also heard Whole Foods is going where Earth Fare was." - u/p00pinpant
  • I’d have bet cash money from the color scheme the area was finally getting a Staples office supplies. - u/UsernameTaken1701
  • "Spirit Halloween before you know it" - u/GynxCrazy

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