Fish and Chips, a dish that's been served all over the world for decades is as simple as it sounds, a couple of fried fish filets and a side of fries. The fish and chips trend started somewhere in England some many years ago and to this day many individuals work this simple yet delicious meal into their diets.

Now, of course, making fish and chips at home will most likely yield the best results (unless you don't know how to cook), but sometimes sitting down at a restaurant on a Friday night for fish and fries sounds great. Well, where are the best places in the Kalamazoo area to order fish and chips?

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A user (u/MuchUnderstanding162) on Reddit posed this same question in the Kalamazoo subreddit and now, we're here to help. Many Kalamazoo area residents did drop several suggestions under the post, let's look at them now, shall we.

Bikini Bottom at the Bar

Some of the best places to get a solid order of fish in chips in the Kalamazoo areas are the bars. To some, this comes as a surprise because they wouldn't consider fish to be bar food while for others, this makes total sense because of the number of bars and breweries that are in Kalamazoo.

Places like Shakespeare's Pub, University RoadhouseMcGonigles Irish Pub, Hopcat, The Beer Exchange, and even Old Burdick's were listed and I'm sure a few more of the bars could get in on this conversation. Although, there are a few other spots making noise in the comment section as well.

Fast Food Fish

I know right, those seem like three words that no one would ever want to read one after another, but in this case, it could be exactly what someone is looking for. Surprisingly, some of the best places to mow down on some fish and chips are fast food restaurants.

Restaurants such as Culver's, Chicken Coop, and a spot called Village Hide-A-Way in Vicksburg were brought up right away. Mentioning how they aren't the traditional places you would look for when deciding to eat fish, but the trip would be more than worth it. Then one of my all-time favorites in Fish Express was also name-dropped so this list is impeccable in my opinion.

These may not be all of the places where you can get a tasty fresh order of fish and chips, but they surely won't disappoint. Are there any that we missed? Is there someone on this list that really shouldn't be?

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