A food website just published a controversial pick for the best fries in Michigan.  I'm not sure that I'm on board with the results from this website.  However, I'm will to try fries from any restaurant.  Here's how LoveFood.com came up with the best fries in Michigan,

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When most people think of the best fries in Southwest Michigan restaurants range from Hop Cats to Nonla Burger and even McDonald's.  Apparently, it's an entirely different ball game state-wide as LoveFood.com has declared Union Joint to have the best fries,

No matter what kitchen they come from, the fries from a Union Joint are guaranteed to have a nice crunch and fluffy inside, and be perfect either alongside a burger or as a standalone snack.

Union Joints Have the Best French Fries in Michigan
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What makes this super complicated is that Union Joints isn't just one restaurant, but rather a group of different restaurants with very different menus and locations.  This LoveFood article does not give a specific brand or location for the fries.  In fact, not all Union Joints locations serve fries.  But who knows, maybe these fries are the bee's knees.  Check out Union Joint's online by clicking here.

Who do you think has the best french fries in Michigan?  Let us know in the comments.


Best French Fries in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois

  • Illinois: DMK Burger Bar in Chicago and Oak Brook, Illinois
  • Indiana: Ziffles Rib Bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Michigan: Union Joints in various locations on the East side of Michigan
  • Ohio: Senate Restaurant in Blue Ash, Ohio

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