Michigan and Ohio debate over who's better in literally EVERYTHING. One of the longest debated topics is high school football and who is better. Well, Detroit King, the No. 1 high school football team in Michigan visited Moeller High School, the No.1 team in Ohio.

Both teams have well-known reputations and have become powerhouses within their respective states. As they battled under the lights on Friday night, they would be opening a new rendition to the argument of who's better at football between Ohio and Michigan.

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This conversation was put back on everyone's radar by a TikTok that was posted showing the two teams in battle with one another. The results of that game say that Ohio football is better than Michigan Football by a long shot.

@overtime7 Interstate battle #moellerhighschool #moellerfootball #king #kingfootball #dantemoore ♬ original sound - OT7

Moeller was able to easily work their way down the field drive after drive while the Detroit King passing attack struggled all night to put things together. Moeller would end up taking this game by a comfortable margin with a final score of 30-14.

Now, if we really want to think about which state is better at high school football we would have to bring in a lot of different factors. Some of those factors would be head-to-head records against one another, best and worst records/scores in individual states, what their coaches and hall of fame(s) look like, and most importantly how many athletes are going on to play in college and professionally.

Ironically, I would have to say that for once I can agree that Ohio might be even to Michigan when it comes to high school football. When we start to pull out the record books and look at athletes and their successful careers, the numbers are about even.

What do you think? Does Michigan have an edge over Ohio in high school football? Or, is Ohio dominant in all levels of football over Michigan?

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