A Delaware County K9 foils a burglar's plans and finds his ash.

It reads like a story straight out of a Scooby Doo episode.  However, there was no mystery machine, just a couple of vehicles from the Indiana DNR Division of Law Enforcement and the Delaware County Sheriff's Department.  Also, replace Scooby with Marley.  Local law enforcement was investigating a burglary when they located a suspicious red GMC Sierra pickup truck packed full of random stolen items according to the Indiana DNR Division of Law Enforcement's Facebook page,

Hiding in a wood stove is a unique tactic to avoid detection. Indiana Conservation Officer Jordan Brand and K-9 Marley were called to assist the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department after a burglary, and the suspect vehicle was discovered on the scene loaded down with stolen loot. K-9 Marley tracked to a nearby barn where a female suspect and male suspect were apprehended. The male was found crammed into a wood stove.

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Both the male and female suspects were taken into custody.  They might have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids.  There's no word on if Marley was rewarded with Scooby Snacks.  We'll keep you posted.

Speaking of Indiana, here's a home in the Hoosier state that burglars will likely avoid.  Not because of a beefy security system, but because of nicotine-soaked walls.  Check out the photos below.  Just wow

Look at this Nicotine Soaked Home in Indiana!

Michigan-Ohio-Indiana Border