An Indiana high school senior did what many adults could not or would not do, and the country is celebrating her hard work.

Sophie Kloppenburg was just recently featured on CBS Evening News for her hard work exposing a heinous act that took place in Posey County, Indiana nearly 150 years ago.  Kloppenburg recently learned of a rape allegation in 1878 that lead to the public lynching of seven black men outside the county courthouse.  There was no investigation, nor was there a trial.  Local law enforcement and town residents pulled these men out of their homes and immediately put them to death in the most humiliating and disgusting way possible.

The high school senior was more than horrified at the actions that took place where she lived.  She was also bothered by the fact that nobody knows about it.  She was not willing to let everyone forget according to Sophie's interview on CBS Nightly News,

I'm sure people don't want to remember because it's hard to remember tough things, but it's unacceptable to just forget.


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Nearly 150 years after a racist mob gathered at the steps of the county courthouse to be part of an unthinkable act of injustice and murder, now stands a memorial bench along with a historical marker to remember these seven men and their families.  An act of healing that could not have taken place without the passion of one Indiana teen.

You can't convince me that Sophie Kloppenburg is done.  I have a feeling she will be making a large impact on the world and I, along with many others, am here for it.

Ghost Town Gary, Indiana

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