Kalamazoo first responders prove that rescuing a cat from a tree is not just a clawful cliche romantic comedy thing.

What could have been a cat-astrophic event was saved by Public Safety Officer Pena on Monday according to Kalamazoo Public Safety's recent Facebook post.

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I have no doubt the officer and the cat were feline fine after the heroic event. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Paw-don me, but are you fur real with all of the cat puns?" If that's the case, lose the cattitude if pawsible because my puns are purrfect.

We want to thank PSO Pena for that heroic moment when he climbed up that ladder and whiskered her away. Yeah, I said it. There's no word on how the cat and human are doing right meow. Maybe we'll let them rest and check in on them on Caturday. But, fur real though, it is pawsome to see our local critters cared for.

So no, this isn't the first episode of 'Claw & Order: Kalamazoo.' Although, that is a great idea. Get my agent on the phone. Scratch that, I'm just kittening around. Sorry to be so catterbrained but speaking of local critters...did you know it's legal to have a skunk as a pet?

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