Energy drink junkies are not happy about this soft drink line getting canceled by PepsiCo.

PepsiCo recently made the shocking announcement that they are discontinuing the entire Mtn Dew Energy line.  Less than a year ago PepsiCo dropped Sierra Mist only to replace it with a very similar drink called Starry.  Starry is being marketed to a younger age group but it is basically the same thing.  So, why are they dropping what seems to be an uber-popular energy drink?

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They seem to be following the theory that slimming down their brands allows them to focus more on other existing brands.  It is worth noting that PepsiCo owns Rockstar energy drink.  They actually mention that in their press release about the end of MTN Dew Energy,

After careful consideration, we will be discontinuing MTN Dew Energy. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Fear not, Rockstar has your back for your energy needs. Find your flavor today.

There are no clear answers as to why this move was made.  This news has certainly left fans of other PepsCo and Mountain Dew brands feeling a little uneasy.  Your other favorite Mtn Dew products are likely safe including Kickstart according to The Street,

Official channels announced earlier this year that the MTN Dew Energy line would be discontinued moving forward. At this time, there is no sign MTN Dew Kickstart is in danger of being discontinued," the Instagram page shared.

Now, the Mountain Dew IG is pretending like nothing happened as they celebrate the birthday of Baja Blast.

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