Is it ridiculous that I'm excited about new bakery options opening near me?

It's no secret to those in my life that I love baked goods. In my experience, even on my worst day, a freshly baked croissant can make things just a little easier.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across a post from the Victorian Bakery in Kalamazoo about a new bakery trying to get started in Battle Creek:

About Erin and the Potential New Bakery

Erin, the baker pictured above, has already been operating in the Portage area for 10 years with the Bakewell Company.

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The Bakewell Company specializes in take-home, frozen quiches made with fresh, local ingredients. And, you can buy them at different locations across Michigan.

But, her journey originally started in Battle Creek.

According to the fundraising site, Erin was first hired as an icer for cakes in 2001 in her hometown bakery in Battle Creek. Although, the bakery is not specified. From there, she attended culinary school and even did an apprenticeship in Scotland.

Now, she's hoping to take over the bakery where she first started working back in 2001.

Which Bakery?

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with all of the businesses in Battle Creek. But, if you've been in the area for a while, here are the hints:

  • The bakery is run by a woman
  • It has been in operation since 1977
  • It's in Battle Creek

Surprisingly, even with those hints, I haven't been able to narrow down the exact bakery.

Erin wants to take over the business because her former boss/mentor/owner of the bakery is retiring. She hopes to merge the new bakery with her current business, Bakewell Company, to continue to provide fresh baked goods for the community.

If you'd like to help Erin reach her goal, you can find more information and how to donate here.

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