Police released security video footage showing the fight that landed an Ohio Dunkin' Donuts employee behind bars.

The Fremont, Ohio Police Department just released surveillance video showing a very violent altercation that took place last Sunday at a local Dunkin Donuts restaurant.  The Dunkin' throw down was over sugar according to WTVG,

The fight started after the customer allegedly yelled and cursed at the cashier for using liquid sugar in her coffee.

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In the video provided by WTVG (click here for video) you can see the Dunkin Donuts employee, Aniyah McClain, come around the corner and attack the customer.  McClain first punches the customer in the eye and then drags the customer around the store by her hair and continued to punch her.  The employee was quickly arrested and charged with assault.

Fast Food Rage is nothing new in Ohio.  However, it is unusual that an employee of a fast food restaurant is the one facing charges.  Back in January a male customer threatened to beat up a female Dunkin Donuts employee over the amount of bacon on his breakfast sandwich in Boardman, Ohio.

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