This isn't the streak this small Ohio town hoped for.

The residents of a small community just half an hour from Cincinnati couldn't believe their eyes last Thursday evening.  Fairfield, Ohio police expectations for the night changed in a flash as reports to 9-1-1 exposed the naked truth.  I love fall as much as the next guy.  Maybe more.  However, I clearly don't love Fall enough to frolic in my birthday suit through the Autumn leaves.  Nobody wants to see that.

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The first couple of 9-1-1 calls reported a man either running or walking down the street "butt @ss naked."  One witness told WXIX that they heard police shouting "Get on the ground."  When she looked out the window she saw a man with no clothing on "frolicking in the leaves."

We don't have all of the facts right now.  We don't if drugs or alcohol were involved or if the bare Ohio man was having some sort of mental break.  But we do know he was charged according to Fox 19 Now,

The man was cited for disorderly conduct while intoxicated, according to Fairfield police.

I believe that all human beings should embrace their bodies more.  However, there is a time and a place for everything, and this wasn't it my guy.  Get more crazy unclothed stories, many of which happen to be from Ohio by clicking the button below.

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