An Ohio man is now behind bars after shoplifting meat in a suitcase for resale.

A 63-year-old Garfield Heights has just been arrested for the 70th time. If you eat at restaurants around the South Euclid area, you might want to pay attention. If you think the theft is odd, wait til you hear what he does with the meat. The South Euclid Police Department published that surprising info on their Facebook page Monday,

The suspect said he typically sells the meat, which he steals, to restaurants that pay him half the face value marked on the price tags. The suspect did not identify the restaurants. He was arrested and booked for Theft.


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The suspect was reportedly seen stuffing meat he stole from Walmart into a stolen suitcase behind a nearby Penn Station. The meat he could not fit in the suitcase he tossed into the dumpster. As if the fact that he was allegedly stealing meat, and throwing some of it away is shocking enough. However, the thought of him selling this stuff to restaurants after driving around Ohio with suitcases full of unrefrigerated meat is too much for me to handle.

Back in 2019, we covered an incident in Solon, Ohio that involved a man stuffing beef jerky and a package of steaks down his sweatpants in an attempt to get a five-finger discount on some protein. Surprisingly, this is not the same guy.

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