A real-life Grinch allegedly stole Christmas decorations just 30 minutes after being released from jail.

Some people love Christmas too much.  In fact, my fiance drove me crazy watching a Christmas movie marathon in June.  Thanks, Hallmark Channel.  Then there are the people that hate everything about Christmas.  Christmas movies, parties, gifts, and decorations.  Or as the Grinch would say, "Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. Loathe entirely."  Around 1 AM last Saturday an Ohio man was likely doing his best Grinch impression by stealing the Holiday decorations right from someone's front yard in Norwalk, Ohio.  This Grinch may not realize that almost everyone has security cameras in the year of our Lord 2023.  Personal home security cameras are what helped get the man nabbed quickly according to 13 Action News,

Using surveillance footage, an officer was able to identify the suspect as William Ott, 63, of Norwalk. Ott had just been released from Huron County Jail on an unrelated matter approximately 30 minutes prior to the theft.

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The suspect was immediately arrested by Norwalk Police.  However, they were unable to locate the stolen Christmas decorations which included: Christmas lights, a laser projector, a snowman display, and power cords according to the police report.  I'm not sure what's crazier.  The fact that the thief was just released from jail 30 minutes prior or the fact that he isn't sure what he did with the items he stole.  There's no mention in the police report of why the suspect stole the Christmas decorations in the first place.

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