One of the strangest cases of workplace harassment is allegedly taking place at a Starbucks in Ohio right now.

It is unclear how or why an alleged pattern of workplace harassment began at a Starbucks on Front Street in Berea, Ohio.  However, what we do know is nothing short of bizarre and oddly just in time for Halloween.

On Thursday, October 20th, a Starbucks employee was shocked to find what she considers to be a dangerous threat against her according to,

The worker said she arrived at work that morning and noticed a beheaded Barbie doll and a drawing of a voodoo doll. The drawing was labeled, “Jane Doe deceased.”

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The employee, who has reportedly experienced other forms of harassment from a specific co-worker, confronted that person about what she found.  The co-worker denied having anything to do with or even knowing anything about the voodoo doll and note.

Later that day the victim of the alleged harassment watched security video footage of a person placing the items on the pastry display where she found them.  The victim then called the police to file a report.

It's important to note that placing a voodoo doll of sorts in your workplace is not technically against the law.  If the victim could prove that the "Jane Doe deceased" note was targeted at her, there might be something the police could do. However, the Starbucks employee was simply doing her due diligence to document what she considers a pattern of harassment at the hands of the unnamed suspect.

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