A police officer, a farmer, and a pig were in a McDonald's Drive-Thru...That's not the opening of a bad joke, it's the setup of an actual moment in Springfield, Ohio.

I have often heard that the best part about working a law enforcement job is that no two days are ever the same.  Proof of that saying was clear on Friday, December 29th when a couple of Ohio State Troopers from the Springfield post found themselves in cold pursuit of a swine on the run in a McDonald's parking lot.  They posted a video of the awkward moment chucked full of pig puns on the Ohio State Highway Patrol SW Ohio Twitter page,

🐷🚔There was a bit of oinking around in Springfield this week after a pig got loose and went hog wild. Fortunately, Springfield Post troopers were able to assist the owner and get the insu-boar-dinate pig into custody. In the end, the trooper & pig seemed to a-boar each other.

It's not every day you see a law enforcement social media post a pig emoji next to a police car emoji, but here we are.  You gotta love it when they can have a sense of humor.

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Pigs can be surprisingly lovable and smart animals.  However, next time Wilbur makes a run for it, he might want to avoid places that serve bacon in the future.  The Ohio State Troopers were able to capture the hog wild farm animal and return him to his human.

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