Charges are stacking up for this young Ohio porch pirate.  You will almost feel sorry for this Ohio porch pirate while watching the police bodycam footage.  Almost.  However, when you get all of the info, sympathy fades quickly.

A 23-year-old woman was recently pulled over in Blue Ash, Ohio.  At the time of the traffic stop the suspect's mid-sized SUV was packed full of Amazon boxes.  When the officer asked her about those boxes, she explained that they were getting boxes out of dumpsters to make gingerbread houses.  I said "they were" because the 23-year-old suspect had a 15-year-old girl with her.  She quickly confessed to stealing packages off of porches and using the teen girl to help her according to WLWT,

Asked how she allegedly enlisted the teenager to help her, Dibella said the teenager's mother asked her to help the child while she "got on her feet."

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The suspect explained to law enforcement that she was a porch pirate to pay the rent.  She said the "rent lady" was texting her asking for money.  If that is true, it's heartbreaking.  However, it does not justify stealing from others.  When you factor in that she was helping a friend's child by teaching her to steal, it's impossible to feel sorry for her.

After being arraigned on several charges of theft, at least seven more people have come forward to accuse the suspect of also taking packages from their porches.  The suspect will also face charges connected to her use of a teen to commit her crimes.

Helpful Tips To Keep Packages Safe From Porch Pirates

In 2022, over 260 million packages were stolen by porch pirates. I knew the problem was bad but didn't realize how explosive this crime has gotten throughout the years.

Next time you order something, try these tips to help keep your packages safe from thieves like porch pirates.

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